An Instant, Eternal

2018, Contemporary


Sophie Alexander, out of college and abandoned by her fiancee, decides to take on work as a light housekeeper for the novelist Emerson Williams while he composes his next manuscript. Sophie hopes to get her life back together and figure out her next step while facing the emotional fallout of her almost-marriage, and figures the New Hampshire island on which Emerson lives is the perfect place to do so.

As she works for Emerson, she decides to read one of his novels, Before the Tide, to better understand him, his past, and his declaration that he is at war with time. Sophie begins to suspect that Emerson might be able to control much more than just events in his books, for she notices strange parallels between what he writes and what she sees around her. Before the Tide quickly becomes a parallel plot to Sophie's own story, and ultimately, the two intertwine.

Just as Sophie falls romantically for Emerson, she discovers an unpublished chapter from the novel she is reading, which mirrors her own arrival and experiences on the island. She begins to wonder if she herself is being controlled by Emerson.

But with all writing, nothing is ever quite what it seems. An Instant, Eternal, explores ideas of time, reality, beauty, God, creation, and how they are all interwoven into existence -and how you can never go back to yesterday, even when you are trying to escape it.

Beautiful, These Summer Nights

2016, Short Stories


A collection of short stories that includes:


-A young rancher who communicates with his neighbor by posted signs, only for his neighbor to one day mysteriously stop replying.


-The ghost of a young man who awaits his still living wife on an abandoned, sinking island in the Chesapeake Bay.


-A father and husband who desperately searches for a cache of gold hidden by his ancestors in their old general store.


-A family awaiting word from a shuttle crew as to whether or not a newly explored planet harbors extraterrestrial life -and what the theological implications may be.


-A teenage girl considering an abortion receives a visit from a mysterious woman who urges her not to have the procedure.


-A man who cannot figure out why his elderly neighbor spends summer nights in the shed.


-And more...

Between Us and Rome

2014, Historical/Romance


SPRING, 458 A.D.


MAJORIAN has been crowned emperor and seeks to consolidate his power to restore the military, and the Western Roman Empire.

SERVIUS, newly appointed to the Senate, fast becomes an ally of Majorian, calling for a military response to a rogue Gothic incursion into Italy -against the desires of Majorian’s rivals for power in the Senate.

Hoping to humiliate Majorian and seize power, SENATOR LIBERIUS makes sure the untried Servius is given command of the military expedition. But Servius soon finds himself wondering if a corrupted Rome is worth defending, or letting fall.

Carnival Week

2010, Contemporary Young Adult

Set in a small rural/suburban town in the present day, a group of teenage friends begin their final summer before college. The story follows their seemingly disconnected and separate lives which ultimately intertwine in a dramatic fashion.



City on a Hill (Conscience Trilogy #3)

2017, Historical Alternative/Romance

Washington, D.C. – It is late November, 1979. Detective Benjamin Fuller and veteran Air Force fighter pilot Henry Cooper struggle to bring down the Anarchists who have taken them captive as American forces respond to the invasion of Texas by Communist Mexico.


At the same time, the Anarchists launch an all-out attack inside Washington while Carrion demands the abdication and surrender of the U.S. interim government –or he will bring to bear his stockpiles of radioactive waste. As chaos unfolds all around her, Emma Aiden, niece of Senator William James Aiden, retains her faith in Conscience, believing Conscience will continue to help Fuller and Henry.


But her faith in Conscience brings her in a relationship-shattering opposition revolving around morality and law with Henry, who is determined to bring Conscience to justice. Emma, in turn, retreats into the safety of the past –and to a man who holds all history in his hands. It all comes down to this.


Conscience: A Novel (Conscience Trilogy #2)

2016, Historical Alternative/Romance


Washington, D.C. - It is November, 1979. Detective Benjamin Fuller and his assistant, veteran Air Force fighter pilot Henry Cooper, continue to track down the Anarchists who threaten the existence of the fragile, post-nuclear war collection of American states. At the same time, Communist Mexico threatens invasion.


The Anarchists expand their efforts, launching a series of terrorist attacks designed to target elected leaders and cause Americans to abandon the interim government.


Things are only further confused when Conscience -as the media has come to call the masked individual Fuller and Henry have been seeking -saves Fuller’s life.


Emma Aiden, niece of Senator William Aiden, and girlfriend of Henry, contends this is more evidence that Conscience is not an Anarchist, and can be trusted. Fuller is undecided.


Henry remains unconvinced. Henry’s relationship with Emma is not only strained by this, but by his investigation which implicates her uncle in massive financial fraud that could be related to the Anarchists.


Cross of the Confederacy

2007, Historical Alternative/Romance

It is 1870, seven years after the Confederacy won the War Between the States. JAMES CROSS, war veteran and member of the Confederate Secret Service, is ordered to hunt down and bring to justice the killers of the assassinated Confederate President.


What Cross uncovers in the span of one year will determine the fate of the entire American continent as he determines to stand against the very government he has sworn to defend. If he does not, both North and South will suffer the consequences of far-reaching and malicious plot.

And the fractured nation also ponders the question: should they remain divided, or is the United States once again destined to become whole?

Dark Republic: A Novel (Conscience Trilogy #1)

2015, Historical Alternative/Romance


Washington, D.C. - It is the summer of 1979. What remains of the Soviet Union is reassembling itself after a nuclear war with the now-vanquished Soviet Union.


Detective Benjamin Fuller is called to investigae the murder of a U.S. Senator, Graham Collins. One of the leads involves a masked figure near the scene of the crime. Fuller suspects that the Anarchists, a terrorist group determined to overthrow the interim American government, is to blame.


Meanwhile, Henry Cooper, veteran Air Force fighter pilot, becomes a member of the Capitol Garrison Security Force at the Madison Building, one of numerous senatorial offices in the city.


There, Henry quickly falls for Emma Aiden, orphaned niece and staffer of Senator William James Aiden, who himself becomes a target for the Anarchists. Among those present during an assassination attempt on Senator Aiden's life is the masked individual.


Fuller and Henry join forces and must race against the clock when another Senator is kidnapped by the Anarchists. Henry believes the masked man is at the root of it all -but Emma believes otherwise.


Ghosts on the Tower

2013, Historical Alternative/Fantasy/Romance

Autumn, 1944. Nathan Burton, an American paratrooper, is contacted by and recruited into an elite American military organization  of the Special Initiatives and Operations Department of the Defense Department. Headed up by the enigmatic Colonel Gray, SIOD handles everything from espionage, sabotage, and assassinations, to participating in pitched battles.

As Germany reels under the weight of the Allies, the Nazis are desparate to turn the war around. Some turn to the occult, and push the limits of science, such as Dr. Hermann Wirthin of the New Templars, the most secretive branch of the Ahnenerbe, a pseudo-academic outift. Obsessed with Aryan mythology, Wirthin intends to harness otherworldly powers to his advantage, and so begins a series of excavations across the globe, all launched from the tower and castle of Wewelsburg. Gray’s American team is tasked with finding out what exactly the New Templars are doing.

Ordered to go along with Gray, Burton, and the team to interpret archeological evidence is the beautiful Dr. Inna Petrev, a Polish refugee, and her mentor, Dr. Henry Grady. Forced to combat Reichswehr, an elite German military group protecting Wirthin and his agents, Gray’s team discovers that Wirthin and his men are up to much more than simple excacations -and there is a traitor in Gray’s group.

One May Weekend

2013, Historical/Romance


It is May, 1968. The counterculture has swept across the United States, and the antiwar movement is raging.

James Carroll, a deeply conservative New York City police officer, is both angered and saddened by the excesses of those on the Left whom have come to camp out and protest in Central Park.

One afternoon, he meets Olivia Beauregard. Though liberal and freespirited, she and James quickly develop feelings for one another.

But their romance cannot stop the world around them. When an attack on the police is met by an order to cleanse the park, neither James nor Olivia is willing to compromise for the other, putting in danger everything they share together.

Return to the Shore

2010, Contemporary/Christian/Supernatural Romance

When weary Long Island investigator Robert Gray is assigned the twenty-one year-old cold case of a murdered eighteen year-old girl, he never imagines that the ensuing investigation will transcend time, reality, and existence. Yet it isn't the cold case that needs an answer. Gray finds himself questioning his own existence and purpose as the investigation unfolds.

A Rose in February

2013, Contemporary/Christian/Romance


When a disenchanted writers discovers a young woman with amnesia climbing up the mountain upon which he lives as a snow storm bears down upon them, he quickly takes her in.

The young woman harbors a secret, unknown to even herself, and one which the writer suspects has to do with the mental institution in the town beyond the mountains.

Little does he know, the girl's life and purpose will change his own forever.



The Sea in the Sky

2014, Contemporary/Christian/Romance


JEREMY STANFORD has a secret, or so everybody believes. Stanford, a militant atheist professor-turned passionate believer has penned an essay in which he references the end of the world. And the world’s attention turns to the elusive Stanford, seeking clarification.  
The sleepy Virginia mountain town of Harper Heights –Stanford’s home –is besieged by the curious, the devout, the agnostic, and disbelievers. Rumors of the sighting of an angel and the approach of a brutal storm front on a collision course with the town further increase attention, but Stanford refuses any and all interviews.  
That is, except for an out of work, dispassionate believer named COLLIN RICHARDS. Over the course of a week, Collin endeavors to find out just what the old man knows about God and the end of the world –but what Collin learns, including from Stanford's daughter, will far exceed his assignment.


A Time Returned in Faith

2015, Christian/Romance/Historical


It is late summer, 1939. In the quiet fields of Poland, nineteen year-old Krysia dreams of love and family. But war shatters the world.


As she and others flee the advancing Germans, they realize they are being pursued by something else, as well. A fallen man, seeking Redemption, collects errant souls -and is assigned to collect Krysia's soul as well.


But he falls in love with her, instead. And the consequences will change everything, forever.


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