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Where Summer Stays the Longest

Where Summer Stays the Longest




Tideland was on all the maps, but Jeremy Hartley had never heard of it, no visited the town, even though it was only a few miles from where he lived.

When Jeremy ventures into town, he find a world apart, between Heaven and Earth, where ghosts are held captive in the autumn woods, souls arrive on trails, and the living live alongside the departed.

But there is something else far darker which roams the fields and mountains around Tideland, something which pulls at Jeremy's heart, which brought him into Tideland in the first place. What Jeremy does will alter the course of events for the town in a single night.


Reading is meant to be a journey. The way Joe writes is like reading a painting. You feel like you're part of the story, and you feel like you know the characters.

Ian Eppig, Joe's best friend


Joe Vigliotti's writing reflects deeply-held convictions which offer a reminder of God's beauty in this world, to offer comfort, unite people, and  encourage readers to think and feel differently about the world in which they live.

Cheryl Haynes, Publisher, FutureWord

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