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The Other Aevum Front Cover Version 2 copy.jpg

The Other Aevum





Lights in the sky. A body on the shore without a head or hands.
A girl missing from the college up the coast.

Detective Evelyn Vale of the Sheriff’s Department is tasked with the investigation. Young and still new as a detective, Vale is determined to see things through with the assistance of her mentor, the old-school Sergeant Sedgewick.

When the murder investigation yields cryptic clues that suggest cult involvement, Vale brings in religious studies professor Hugh Burke to consult. Burke, himself experiencing a crisis of faith, is joined by his student, Kira Moreland, the sister of the missing girl.

The investigation forces each of them to confront the paths of their own lives, and unveils dark practices kept hidden for generations - practices which threaten to bring forth a darkness
unseen in three centuries.



Reading is meant to be a journey. The way Joe writes is like reading a painting. You feel like you're part of the story, and you feel like you know the characters.

Ian Eppig, Joe's best friend


Joe Vigliotti's writing reflects deeply-held convictions which offer a reminder of God's beauty in this world, to offer comfort, unite people, and  encourage readers to think and feel differently about the world in which they live.

Cheryl Haynes, Publisher, FutureWord

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