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Abigail is back from college for the summer. She does not expect to be attacked when walking home one night; and she does not expect to be saved, either, by the town’s local legend - a man who has appeared and reappeared across the generations, and who does not seem to age.

Abigail decides to find out who the man is, and her own journey becomes one of several interlocking stories in which human choices, second chances, loss, faith, and forgiveness form an unfolding history across time.

In this short novel, set in any small town in America, the past and the present contend to lay the path for the future.


Reading is meant to be a journey. The way Joe writes is like reading a painting. You feel like you're part of the story, and you feel like you know the characters.

Ian Eppig, Joe's best friend


Joe Vigliotti's writing reflects deeply-held convictions which offer a reminder of God's beauty in this world, to offer comfort, unite people, and  encourage readers to think and feel differently about the world in which they live.

Cheryl Haynes, Publisher, FutureWord

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